Thursday, November 6, 2008

Denim Skirt with "Kicky Things"

Anika requested that I make her a "skirt from jeans with kicky things". And oddly enough, I knew pretty much exactly what she was talking about without even having to think too much. Unfortunately I'd just gone through my fabric stash about a week before to donate textile items to the Art program at her school, so what I was left with were some very oddly shaped pieces of denim fabric from an a-line skirt I'd made myself.

I got pretty lazy on the construction, so the top is basically a tube with elastic casing at the top and asymetrical hem on the bottom. Then I made pleats in little pieces of scrap material and sewed them right onto the bottom to achieve "kicky things". I didn't bother hemming the edges because I'm pretty sure that Anika wanted the deconstucted, frayed look. The bright pink thread was her idea and I added the decorative leaf stitch and she LOVED it. Five year olds are pretty easy to please.


  1. that's really cute. i myself have always been a fan of colored stitching on denim.

  2. Update! I've been informed that the "kicky things" are actually called a "car wash hem". For some reason I find it amazing that things I believed to be completely random actually have names.