Monday, November 3, 2008

November Waves Capelet

Three things are true:
1. I have way too much stash yarn
2. I enjoy the word "capelet"
3. I covet everything at this etsy shop

Last week, before I went to the laundrette, I threw all my yarn onto the floor. Then I stood back and squinted and moved stuff around, mostly with my feet while I drank coffee. Then I left it alone while I gathered up laundry. Only then did I realize how late it was getting so I grabbed all the yarn I had in shades of green, teal, and brown and threw it in a bag with my crochet hooks and walked out the door.

Once I had the wash started I evaluated what I'd brought along. I had two balls of Cascade 220, teal and something that my dad would call "smooshed catepillar green" (and for the record, I think he's right), I also had a few balls some undentified superwash wool fingering weight in a dark chocolate and another three balls of fingering weight cotton chenille, one in khaki, one bark brown and one varigated with shades of green, teal, and brown. I decided immediately to hold them all together as I worked because I dug on the color combination, it reminds me of waves on the Chesapeake Bay in November, and I wanted this project to go real quick.

I fished three crochet hooks out of my bag, 11.5 mm, 13mm, and something emberassingly big that lacked a marking. I started with the 11.5 mm hook and made a chain that comfortably wrapped around my neck with a little overlap. Then I did two rows of double crochet with that same hook, switched to the larger hook, did a few increases at the beginning of each row and at the same time switched to triple crochet, and then switched to the largest hook, did a few more increases and a few more rows of triple crochet until the whole shebang was long enough to cover my shoulders. Then I moved back up to the top and did two rows of v-stitch on the other side of the foundation chain with the 11.5 mm hook. And somewhere in there I moved the laundry to the dryer, talked to my BF on the phone, got some coffee, played ball with the kids, and made lunch. The next day I dug through my stash for some buttons and sewed them on.

After I wore it the first time I noticed that the bottom edge got flipped up and under sometimes or didn't fall exactly right. I figured it was because there wasn't enough weight at the bottom so that night I added single crochet border all the way around and a shell border on the bottom edge. I only used three of the original six yarns because I wanted a slight color variation.

Thanks to Anika for helping model.

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